Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The Story of Film: An Odyssey

I was pleasantly surprised with how little of the story of film I actually knew. I was amazed at how basic the origin of film was, for te impact it holds on us today. It's crazy how much work went into something that we take for granted, something that we don't even really think about, we just go sit down and watch. In disappointed on how little we as students know about the origins of film, when it's a huge part of our american history, and one of the few industries we have developed as one of our own.
I can not wait to watch more of these films.

Monday, January 28, 2013

The Artist, The Engineer, The Father, The Postermodernist, The Choreographer, and The Anarchist

Between the folds is a film that beautifully displays the association of science and the arts. The film starts extremely abruptly, with a voiceover that would probably put you asleep, if you weren't so entranced by the beautiful cinematography. This intro is followed up by the worlds longest showcase of names, that's is distracting and boring. We are then introduced to our subjects (the artist, the engineer, etc.), and although the subject themselves are interesting, the camera work is rough. It's strange work, because it has the shakiness of handheld work, but the fluidity of being mounted in a tripod. The writer does a nice job of providing a central theme and stringing it throughout the film.
Overall it was a nice film, functional but still fun, and well recieved by the viewer. It taught many important ideas, such as "the object looks good if the process was good."
I would suggest this film to anyone who looks to Oragami as an art form and is looking to learn how to "breath life into the paper."

Thursday, December 1, 2011


over the thanksgiving holiday, we were challenged with building an instrument out of household goods. I built a shaker. i know, how lame right? But it was actually pretty cool. I found a cylindrical (is that a word?) mail package and I filled it with shards of alluminum can. This gave it a unique sound that most shakers don't typically have. I covered the cylinder with a fuzzy pink fabric and my little sister found these cool looking sleeve things and i put those on there too. Even though it was pretty basic, it was pretty fun looking!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Artsy photo at an artsy school...



So, here i am...writing another blog for school...and I'm sitting next to my friend Jasmine, and my other friend awk...he has the SAME name as me...
Jasmine, Kennedy, and Kennedy.....
SOOOOOOO anyway, we have ANOTHER assignment about what happened our last class...well, last we talked about lines. Yes lines. How exciting...what could possibly be more exciting than a line?
I'm not exactly sure if that middle one counts as a line.... 
So, I obviously continue to get preoccupied...any way last class. Which was Friday...right? Yeah, I think Friday. We had this super long boring convo about acting lines, musical lines, drawing lines, staff lines, character lines...TOO MANY LINES! FINALLY, WE DID SOMETHING EXCITING!!! My friend Beppy and I were called up to do a skit. We made up this whole crazy scene about how I got a bad grade for an amazing project and she got an amazing grade for a crappy project because she was having an affair with the old decrepit teacher with bifocals and hearing aids...only at a public school...Anywho it was great!!! finally, at the end of class we were given an assignment. We had to create 5 circles, connect them using different times of lines and them fill in the white using 2 different texture patterns. Oh, and also, it had to be black and white. Now, I'm an NOT  a visual arts student and if any of you know theatre kids, either they are really good at art, or they can't draw a stick figure to save their life. I fall under the "stick figure" category myself. So, I guess I'll let y'all be the judges of my art...even though I'm pretty sure no one reads this....

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

My First Blog

Hey guys! I've never blogged before so its going to be a little interesting....Anyways we have this class called New Works at we are studying Paul Baker's "9 Elements of Form." We are currently studying space and so I guess right now we are talking about cyberspace. Its crazy how much technology i becoming part of our academics! Soooooo anywho this is quite possibly the COOLEST class I've ever taken. Its an hour and a half of letting your creative juices flow. As many of you know, we just celebrated the 10 year anniversary of 9/11 (yes, I said celebrate because it made us stronger as a country and that is definitely something to celebrate!) In honor of this day in our New Works class we were given the task of reenacting the fall of the tours, the victims perspective.  We laid on the floor with our eyes clossed, mentally getting in the place of "oh my gosh I'm about to die." As we laid our teacher came around and through  flour at us. (thank you Mr. Richards, I baked my shorts into a cake.) This is quite possibly one of the most emotional experiences of my life. I was crying and screaming...but I guess that's what makes Booker T. special. You can have these amazing experiences because, well, you have no holds barred. You can go all out and no one thinks anything of you. You are you, and only you and for that I am so thankful.